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Sydney (NSW)
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With 36 years old I know what men need to reach that sexual pleasure that both have sought and that none of their partners has been able to give.

My names Crystal and Im a very simple woman whos only seeking to give pleasure to all men that havent been able to achieve with their partners; is why my specialty are married men that come to this humble escort Sydney to tell his fantasies and to be able to perform as they wish.

Ive no problem making the fantasy they desire. Thereve been men who have asked me to come into their game with their wife, and the results have been splendid.
My cost ranges from 400 to extremely high amounts for much more elaborate sexual pleasures, where men like to act out fantasies little known, very bold, very hot and difficult to resist.

In fantasies, I try to offer my services for role-playing games, where I dress like they indicated me. I can be a tenderly nurse caring for the patient, or the police coming to punish Mr. bad, or the innocent girls caught in the teacher's home, and even the slave whos kidnapped, tied to the bed with open legs and wet of pleasure.

Im a escort Sydney whos willing to do what every man like, but you need to know that I put the rules while you put date, place and time within the following:
Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 20:00 pm
Weekend only at night from 16:00 pm until the first hours of the morning
. Age: 36
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