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Here in the shadows, let me show you what I'm capa...

Canberra (ACT)
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Hello potentially sexual men, I'm Callie and I sell me as 33 years-old escort Canberra who likes to have sex in an unconventional way and I explain it:
I like to live and feel the pleasure of a way out of the ordinary and known, but I love those men who are with me to enjoy sex in a extrasensory way, which is why I do a ritual my way where feel the inner pleasure is within reach of our hands.

I start putting my customers in a comfortable chair where theyre moored gently with a thin rope or handcuff, so that immediately, in time with the sound of quiet background music, I present me in a dark tunic and long to cover my attributes so that only through my voice they can succumb to their own pleasure.

Candles help me a lot, since, without burning, make candles lead them to feel extreme satisfaction.

Then I use my skills as escort Canberra and start undressing slowly for my client to feel me. Touch me.

Everything is in time with the music, which is slowly changing rhythm and sounds. All music is classic but as rise in fever also fearfulness of music, so that in the end, on the chair, my client and I, evoke an exciting time and begin to fuck delicious and without letting us hide the desires or repress what we want to do at that time.
Everything is done with the lights off and only candles around.

Call me. All calls are confidential and you will be served directly by me to know where we can see.
. Age: 33
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